What’s happening with Wisconsin Creates?

The push to establish Wisconsin Creates,  a new statewide program to invest in Wisconsin’s creative economy, continues to move forward.   Senate Bill (SB) #284 and Assembly Bill (AB) #393, the legislation created to establish this 21st century development program, are currently active and under consideration in the 2017-2018 legislative session.  In October, SB284 passed the Senate Committee on Small Business, Agriculture, and Tourism and AB393 passed the Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy, both with unanimous votes.

Wisconsin Creates will support for-profit and non-profit businesses and agencies of local government on:
  • Economic and community development – developing jobs, businesses, and experiences in the creative sector
  • Arts and creativity in education – helping our kids succeed and developing a 21st century workforce
  • Infrastructure and capacity building – strengthening arts and creative for-profit and non-profit businesses and organizations’ outreach, engagement and education programs.
Wisconsin Creates is all about using the arts and creativity for a vibrant, innovative, and successful Wisconsin.  Strengthening Wisconsin’s creative economy is a critical strategy for the state and all of its communities to compete in the global economy, educate our children, engage residents, and to develop, attract and retain entrepreneurs and a high skilled work force through healthy, vibrant communities where people want to live, work, learn, and play.
When the program becomes a reality, it will be the first increase to arts and cultural funding in Wisconsin in over 20 years, and will mean opportunities for more funding of arts and cultural programs throughout the state.   Wisconsin Creates  will be administered by the Wisconsin Arts Board.
What happens now?   Your involvement is critical!  Register for Arts Day 2018 on Wednesday, March 21, at the Overture Center for the Arts in downtown Madison, where people who care about Wisconsin’s future – people like you! – to speak up for investment in 21st century development and infrastructure.
Arts Day is the release date of 21st Century Wisconsin, a report from Arts Wisconsin and the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, on the state of Wisconsin’s creative economy and action planning for strong, sustained growth.  Register today for Arts Day!

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